24 Hour Insurance Guide
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New Business Billing

To access information that needs billing input, navigate to our Goal Board, and click “Form Responses” at the bottom.

The customer shown below will be used as an example of how to enter billing for this client.

Open Agency Matrix in another window, and locate the client by first and last name on top right search bar.

At the bottom the the client’s page, click the check box and click “Process Payment”

On the Goal Board, the column for “Agency Sweep” will be the input for the first section of billing on Agency Matrix

Input the information found on Goal Board on the billing page shown below. Remember, Agency Sweep on Goal Board will be the first section shown below. The PMT Method will always be “Credit Card” and Tran Type will be “New Business”.

Then, Add the “Agency Fee” If applicable. The Agency Fee will be found on the Goal Board, under “Collected Fees” shown below.

The amount Tendered will be the same as what you see under Total. Then click submit. It will bring you to the page below, which will require any numbers in the Reference section. Then click submit again.
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